Our Story

My name is Carine. I am French native and reside in Florida. From early on, I always had a passion for beautiful under garments but often found myself quite frustrated and disillusioned over the poor quality and design of online purchases once I received them. I felt that single moms like myself should be able to purchase high quality, comfortable, and elegant garments without breaking the bank and having to wonder if what they ordered would be up to par.
My vision at Mon Paradis would allow my customers to look and feel good without compromising on quality or going over their budget. 
I decided to start Mon Paradis Lingerie in 2019 that is based in my hometown in Pinellas County, Florida. Before starting MonParadis, I intensively researched suppliers around the world who also shared my vision. Over time and as demand grew, my one woman shop expanded to a team of 3. Together we have continued to build solid relationships with those suppliers we can depend on. They consistently deliver products that our customers are completely satisfied with.
I have found that the saying "you get what you pay for" isn't always true. The quality of the material and exceptional craftsmanship are what make an exquisite garment. Every seam, every tiny stitch, every weave of the lacing, every well-finished hem, meticulously crafted with care. The end result is a deliciously sensual and feminine item that is not only aesthetic pleasing but durable. 

As you browse through our website you will find stylish and sexy yet elegant lingerie, loungewear, and sleepwear. From the comfy pajama with unique designs, to the sexy bodysuit you can pair with jeans for a cool going-out look, to the crop top and boy shorts you can wear to escape the day in a non-boring way, each item you pick will allow you to feel effortlessly chic, confident, and sexy every day, on every occasion. 

If you feel beautiful underneath everything else, then you look better. So go ahead and wear what you love every day!

  • Free Shipping Worldwide on all Orders
  • We include iphone photos from our consenting buyers in all our listings to depict what the product looks like in real life
  • We inspect all our items to ensure they conform to our quality standards 
  • As soon as your order ships from our US warehouse we send you tracking info by email
  • Free and Easy Returns
At MonParadis we work together towards a common goal - to exceed our customers' expectations.